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I help women love their bodies, while becoming the healthiest version of themselves without fad diets or restrictions.

Are you a busy individual looking to become healthy and fit while still enjoying real life? (Hello pasta and wine!)

Hello, my name is Jeanne Segato-Cochrane and I help women build healthy and fit bodies by teaching self-love through healthy fitness and nutrition habits that you need to look, feel and perform your best.

If you are interested in learning how to build a healthy lifestyle and feel your best, look no further. 


Welcome! Thank you for stopping by.

I have not always been healthy, fit or even happy. All of these have come with my own manifestation of wanting to live my best life.


I was born with a bicuspid aortic valve and had coarctation repair of my aorta when I was five. As well as being diagnosed with auto-immune hypothyroidism at the age of twelve, sent me through 20 years of weight issues, miscarriages and many unexplained health problems. As an adult, I started to take my own health seriously, as well as defeat my odds of another heart surgery destined in my future. I started working out more. I bought fitness magazines, books and started doing my own research about my conditions. I wanted myself and my family to live a happy and healthy life. 


Then life threw me another pattern interrupt, which once again lead me to look deeper into my own life.  I was already leading a healthy lifestyle, but now I wanted more. My beautiful girls were getting older and since they were born, I had no longer been a part of the corporate work world. I wanted to take my new passion for fitness and share it!


Love for Fitness was born.


I am a Certified PN1 Nutrition Coach, Certified CANFIT Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor Specialist. As well as a Children's Fitness Coach, trained in CPR, with continuing education courses in Fitness Kickboxing and YogaFit.

I believe that we should all genuinely learn to love and find happiness within the body we have. Then making positive choices everyday to build lasting habits towards a healthier lifestyle. 

I promise to coach you towards a healthier life; whether it be through an in-person workout through one of my community posts where I pour my heart out and share my knowledge and life experiences, you will find your Love for Fitness here.

In health & happiness,

Jeanne xo




Looking for a supportive community of women who are on the same health & wellness journey as you? Need daily inspiration? Join the Love for Fitness Community and fuel your love for fitness!

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