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The Love for Fitness Community ~ is a non-intimidating environment for women who want the same goals. 

Total Health & Happiness. 

To be apart of our Community ~ is a privilege. We are so much more than a “gym” ~ we are a community. 




This is your journey to wellness.  If you believe you will achieve your goal, you will.  




I can't emphasize this enough. Treat your scheduled workouts as you would the most important interview of your life. I understand at times ~ life does get in the way, it happens. Do your best not to cancel your scheduled sessions. Consistency is key.




This is YOUR time to dedicate to your health and wellness. Make the most of the time you have blocked off for yourself ~ undistracted.




I want you to remember all that you will be GAINING ~ confidence, energy, empowerment, happiness, HEALTH, improved lab results, better fitting clothes. Each healthy habit ~ gets you closer to your goals. 






Group Training:

All group training programs are to be booked through or through the app. 


All other programs - require a consultation and should be set up via email or through the contact page of the website. 


Due to small class sizes ~ ALL fees are to be paid in full at time of booking. 


All NEW members are required to fill out a PAR-Q and waivers prior to the first session  or program. These forms will be emailed separately, once registration has been confirmed. 








Please be mindful of members and coach ~ for indoor and outdoor sessions, arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled start time. This will allow for equipment distribution and time to get into the workout mindset! 


If it is your FIRST indoor session ~ you will be greeted at the front door. 


Upon Arrival:


  • Enter through the front door.

  • Hand sanitize. 

  • Sign Good Health Waiver. You must AGREE to everything listed in order to participate daily. 

  • Head to the basement studio.

  • Choose your mat or boxing bag. At this time ~ you may choose to remove your mask or leave it on. 

  • Mask must be put back on in common areas ~ washroom ~ walking around to get equipment etc. 

  • Once the workout is completed ~ please put your mask on.

  • Hand sanitize and use cleaning products provided to sanitize your equipment.

  • Unless specified ~ please leave cleaned equipment at your station. 

  • Exit through the front door.


Please Note ~ cellphones have germs. If for some reason they must be available to you during the workout  ~ please make sure to wipe them down. 


Please be mindful and remove any outdoor shoes before heading to the basement studio. Clean indoor shoes are ONLY allowed in the workout area. 






Love for Fitness reserves the right to cancel services offered due to any unforeseen circumstances. In the event this shall occur, a makeup session will be arranged which is best suited for Love for Fitness.

*NO exchange of monies shall be returned.


*In the event that you, the member,  misses a session or program ~ there will be NO makeup classes offered. 

*NO exchange of monies shall be returned.


*I get concerned. So please if you will be absent from your session ~ please contact by email, cellphone or the app to notify your absence. 






Member releases any photos or videos taken by Love for Fitness and will not be compensated. They also remain property of Love for Fitness and will be used for promotional purposes only, including but not limited to print, television, internet advertising and to be used on 



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