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What is the number one reason people say they cannot workout? “No time!”

Doesn’t that sound about right?

However, people MAKE TIME to binge watch their favourite Netflix series, they MAKE TIME to scroll social media, through every person they know and every celebrity they don’t. They MAKE TIME to comment and possibly get into heated discussions ~ SO why not MAKE TIME to workout?

Working out helps us;

✔️Increase energy.

✔️Sleep better.

✔️Deal with stress better.

✔️Improve our bone strength.

✔️Improve our everyday mobility.

✔️Can change our body composition.

✔️Makes us feel good.

✔️Helps us stay healthy and younger looking.

So why wouldn’t anyone NOT want to MAKE TIME to make fitness a priority.

Lack of healthy habits.

Are you getting tired of me telling you, it’s all in your habits? Sorry, it is.

Basics. Basics. Basics.

You just have to find what ACTIONS ~ YOU can stick to each day that are UNIQUE to YOU.


Everyone likes to be rewarded, right?

So, lets start by thinking about a REWARD you could give yourself each and every time you made time to workout. And I don’t mean reward yourself with a glass of wine or a piece of cake, this would be counter productive.

I usually workout in the morning ~ so I start my day with a coffee and save my breakfast for after my workout.


This pushes me to get up ~ MOVE MY BODY and MAKE TIME to workout then REWARD myself with something yummy for breakfast.

If I workout in the evening ~ my REWARD is joining my family and sharing dinner together.

BUT first I need to make time for my workout.

This is MY continuum that is UNIQUE to ME ~ creating what I feel is REWARD-WORTHY for me to MAKE TIME for my workouts.

Other suggestions that could help be REWARD-WORTHY to workout are;

👑Post your triumph and how amazing you are on social media and be admired by others.

👑Allow yourself a long hot warm shower.

👑Enjoy guilt-free time on social media.

👑Download some new music or podcast to motivate you.

👑Enjoy watching an episode of your favourite show.

👑Invest in some new workout clothes.

👑Do some online shopping.

👑Make this habit fun by texting your friends and share with them.

Only you know what will make you feel REWARDED, but as your healthy habits develop and you move up this continuum to MOVE YOUR BODY ~ you will gain the real reward of HEALTH.

NOW, go be the f*cking queens you are meant to be!!


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1 Comment

Katie Clark
Katie Clark
Jan 08, 2021

I can’t hang with Mary Jane until I’ve done a workout (or on my way to one 😉).... this motivates me big time!

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