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I move my body EVERY dam day!

Insert eye roll 🙄 ~ ya I know you just did it!

But honestly, you can hate that I take my health with serious intentions or you can see that it sets a snow ball effect;

✔️I get up.

✔️I put my workout clothes on.

✔️I do a LIVE workout.

✔️I refuel my body with healthy food after I workout.

✔️I am naturally in a good mood from my happy hormones being lifted from my workout.

✔️It makes me want to get out and walk my dog in the outdoors.

✔️I am more likely to choose healthier options throughout my whole day.

✔️I will get to bed on time to do it all again.

These daily actions work to set my healthy habits. This is what works for ME.


This week, I will be suggesting ACTIONS that you can incorporate into your daily life; if you would like to work towards making Movement part of your Healthy Habits.


Earlier this week, I wrote about, Healthy Habit ~ Move Your Body ~ and shared this with my workout schedule for my clients in my client social media group.

👑A couple clients commented that they would be taking a picture of the schedule and saving it on their home screen to remind themselves to workout! ~ THIS is a “queen worthy” ACTION to make movement their HABIT 👏🏻👏🏻👑

Other “queen worthy” suggestions I would like to offer are;

👑Each week take time to plan your workouts. Choose classes or workouts that you CAN fit into your schedule ahead of time. Then block a time off in your calendar and commit to those days & times and make them a priority!

👑Have your gym clothes laid out somewhere in plain sight! So they will be in your face until you put them on and use them! (And not just as your daily outfit around the house ~ actually SWEAT 😓 in them😉)

Do you have ACTIONS that you feel have helped make Movement a HABIT for yourself.

NOW, go be the f*cking queens you are meant to be!!

Jeanne xo

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