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A FIT body begins with exercise.

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

To reap the benefits of a FIT body, it is important to not only focus on strength and cardio ~ mobility is just as important.

✨Strength Training impacts the quality of our lives. It is important to incorporate strength training to maintain muscle mass and bone density, so you have the ability to perform activities of daily living as you age.

🦋FIT TIP: Pick up the weights people! Don’t be scared to build strong muscles so you don’t have a hard time going up the stairs as you age.

✨Your Cardiovascular system is the primary factor to longevity. We need to incorporate cardio exercise to improve the function of our cardiovascular system.

🦋FIT TIP:Choose activities that get your heart rate up, a brisk daily walk or high intensity interval training.

✨You need Mobility as our bodies are meant to MOVE. You need a baseline range of motion to perform activities of daily living effectively without pain.

You also have to have the ability to stabilize through ranges of motion that are used to keep our joints healthy.

🦋FIT TIP: Make sure to stretch, do mobility training or yoga to improve your mobility.

As can see, it is not just one type of exercise that matters. To have a FIT body, getting a balance of strength, cardio and mobility are ALL important to your overall quality of life and health.

Balance is BEST.

Jeanne xo

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